The Curse of the Ring

The Curse of the Ring 3.0

After trying on a cursed ring, you must now find 6 stolen treasures (See all)

The Curse of the Ring is a very captivating game, which will especially entertain those who like adventure games that involve searching for missing objects and solving puzzles.
This game is also a great choice for those who are fond of pirates, as the main theme of the game is centered on the curse of Captain J. Flint, cast on a ring that transfers you in the world of adventure.

In this game you have to uncover mysteries, find out miscellaneous hidden objects that help you find out new secrets, enter new locations, and eventually escape the curse of the prophecy ring.

If you get to a point of no return or you have no idea how to go on, you may take advantage of the available hints. Anyway, you will be helped and assisted all the way through your journey of adventure, by an "angel" who sits by your side and advises you upon the tasks you need to perform. This angel will actually often tell you what you should do in order to get to the following stage.

The Curse of the Ring is user-friendly, as you get assistance all the way, ensuring thus that the time you spend playing this game will be enjoyed at the fullest. Overall, the game very captivating and it's worth trying, especially if you like adventure, puzzles and pirates' mysteries.

Jessie Hodgson
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  • Nice graphics
  • Mildly challenging game-play
  • Captivating game story


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